Frequently Asked Questions

Rough Notes for Puzzle progression:

**Level 1: Back Alley [Getting in]** - Find the Apartment in a dense city quarter. Based on a few facts, such as red door, 4 big windows etc. The Player must find the right apartment first. As you try and picklock the door, some cars/people may be walking by.
If you are in the puzzle your screen will have a form of "spider senses" knowing people are there, that makes the player stop **Level 2: The Apartment [Finding the translation]**
- Your mission is to find the translate/transcribe/decode(item) for the letters? You get into the house:
Initially, there's 2 ways (doesnt matter which one you go first. [OFFICE]
- Key on shelf for [Locked Bedroom]
- Locked Drawer with 4 numbers [LIVING ROOM]
- Matches + Candle to create Light for the Dark zone in [Hallway] [HALLWAY]
- Dark zone, need light to see better (Press "F" to inspect dark cabinet -> It's too dark to see anything vs. Need a key for it) [BEDROOM]
- Documents / Calendar with 4 numbers highlighted (the year) for the cabinet in [Office] [OFFICE]
- Unlock cabinet and find:
--- A box in it with Audio cassettes (Morse code)
--- A Key for [Hallway] drawers [Hallway]
- Get a diary from the locked cabinet [Office]
- Solve Morse code cassette with the documents
- Solve Diary riddle to obtain extra information around/about the morse code
(Riddle / puzzle for diary still work in progress) FINISHED

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